Matthew Modine Narrates New Documentary Film about Bicycle Culture

Portland, OR (Nov. 1, 2008) — VEER, a documentary about community groups created as a result of the rising tide of bicyclists in the United States.

VEER offers a peek into the world of several colorful cycling groups, including the Zoobombers, a loosely-knit group that makes late-night, high-speed, downhill rides on small child-size bicycles, and the Sprockettes, an all-female synchronized mini-bike dance troupe.

Actor Matthew Modine, star of Full Metal Jacket and recent recurring guest star in the Showtime TV series Weeds, narrates the film. Modine is known for his bicycle activism as the founder of Bicycle for a Day, which had its first annual ride in Manhattan this September, attended by more than 15,000 cyclists.

Co-producers Greg Fredette (Director) and Jason Turner (Director of Photography) began work on the project in early 2007 and began post-production work six months ago.

The film features music by music artists Boy Eats Drum Machine, Dykertiz, Euromotion, Helio Sequence, Starfucker, The Stars of Track and Field, and Devo front man Mark Mothersbaugh, among others.

The November screening is being held in conjunction with Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA). One of the film’s storylines follows the BTA’s executive director Scott Bricker as he pushes a bill through the state legislature increasing penalties for accidentally killing a bicyclist on public roadways. The law passed in 2007: motorists now face up to a $12500 fine or community service and driver education training for injuring or killing a cyclist. The new law is among the strongest in the nation.

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